Best Amazon Fire Tablets: Review 2021

If you are on the lookout for cheap tablets, one of the places where you can buy them is Amazon. Amazon provides self-branded tablets and its main feature is that it provides self-made apps and platforms. and you won’t find the Google or YouTube you’re used to. In this article, we will make a selection of the best amazon tablets which will suit the requirements of any buyer.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Review

In the first place of our review is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus, as it is considered the best of the entire Amazon Fire lineup today. Its price stays within budget, but compared to the rest of the tablets, it will be priced a bit higher.

Main features:

  • Wide 10, 1-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • High-quality picture on the display
  • Offers a choice of memory size: 32GB or 64GB
  • Continuous operating time of more than 12 hours
  • Wireless charging feature

For its money, this tablet is one of the best options, so if you are going to buy a tablet from Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus is exactly what you were looking for.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus Review

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus comes with an improved 3GB of RAM and has wireless charging capability. Its battery life is also good for 12 hours, and the picture provides a vivid picture.

The tablet has an 8-inch screen and so it’s not much for work, but it’s very handy to take on the road and use for entertainment purposes.

A pretty powerful process provides excellent performance of all applications and allows you to play voluminous games without any hitches.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the most recent 2021 releases, so it offers some changes. The screen of the tablet has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 providing a bright and clear display even in close-up.

Specifications have also improved, and now the tablet comes with an eight-core processor and a 5-megapixel camera. Therefore, the tablet has become more photo-ready, and the 5MP provides quality communication with your loved ones.

The only hitch is that the tablet only has wired charging, but given its improved features and favorable price, the Fire HD 10 will be a pretty reasonable purchase.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review

If this is the first time you have decided to buy a tablet or want to give a gift to a young child, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is great for that.

The 1280 x 800 resolution and the quad-core processor are the standard set of a standard tablet that can support all necessary applications.

Excellent battery life – up to 12 hours allow for a variety of activities, and Show Mode allows you to use the tablet in full-screen mode.

Amazon Fire 7 Review

The Amazon Fire 7 has a surprisingly low price tag for its abilities. We can assure you with certainty that you won’t find another Android tablet with these features for this kind of money.

Its main features are:

  • 3 GHz performance
  • 1GB RAM
  • Display resolution of 1024 x 600

The quality of the camera, of course, is not usable, but the tablet is very handy to carry it everywhere with you has a low price and can perform well as an audio player, e-book reader, and device for video calls.