About Us

Command Line Interactive is a group of hardcore geeks, top-quality engineers, and entrepreneurs behind some of the top technology firms in Silicon Valley – Google, facebook, Yahoo, Skype, eBay, 500 Startups, Wikia and more. We’re coders that have solved some of the hardest engineering problems the valley has to offer and now you can deploy us on your projects.

Reduce both time and risk by using people that have already solved many of the usual engineering challenges multiple times over.

  • Team Acceleration – solve priority projects quickly with known best practices
  • Core Offload – AdOps, Continuous Integration, Build/Deploy systems, Data Mining, Visualization, API’s.
  • Virtual CTO – Architecture, Team efficiency, organizational challenges, sprint drumbeats, agile processes

Too often companies think they have to choose between hiring great people and getting stuff done.  Don’t compromise on your hiring! We realized it’s a false choice – with Command Line Interactive you can hire great people to get stuff done right now while you work to get the right people into your organization.