Command Line Interactive works with the top startups. Our team is made up of senior level front-end developers, back-end developers, full stack generalists and UI/UX experts. We have both permanent and contracting job opportunities available. We have new jobs that come in daily and we have listed a few below.  Please contact us at  [email protected]

Full-time Positions:

  • VideoAmp, Inc.
  • Full Stack Generalist (San Francisco/Full-time)
  • Data Analyst (San Francisco/Full-time)
  • Machine Learning (San Francisco/Full-time)
  • Senior CTO or Senior Developer (San Francisco/Full-time)

Open Contracting Positions:

  • Senior Front-end Developer (Mountain View/Contracting or Full-time)
  • Senior iOS Developer (San Francisco/Contracting)

Full-time Positions:

VideoAmp, Inc. 

VideoAmp is a DSP offering a real-time bidder and video ad serving platform for brands and trading desks to purchase pre-roll video advertisements. We do this by targeting on an individual user-basis. We are taking in large quantities of data both in batch and eventide data streams. (e.g. we’re recording ALL exchange bids and post-analyzing the data) We factor offline traditional TV viewing behaviors into our market segmentation, allowing for television advertiser to correctly spend for TV-eyeballs, and online viewers together in a given campaign. If you’re a TV advertiser, your audience continues to shrink. We help find the rest of the missing viewers who are only online. Visit their website at 

Full Stack Generalist (San Francisco/Full-time)

  • Must have Python, nodejs, experience various data stores hosted in AWS, knowledge of algorithms and strong computer science background and capable of Angular and javascript in the front end.
  • Must be located in San Francisco. This is a full-time onsite position.

Data Analyst (San Francisco/Full-time)

  • Must have knowledge of statistics, advanced use of excel, ability to ETL across many data services and ad-hoc insights to production data in order to continuously improve the Company’s algorithms.
  • Must be located in San Francisco. This is a full-time onsite position.

Machine Learning (San Francisco/Full-time)

  • Have knowledge of all of the data analyst skills, plus: state-of-the-art techniques for classification and regression analysis of large datasets in the form of streams. (spark, scala, map reduce, statistics)
  • Must be located in San Francisco. This is a full-time onsite position.

Senior CTO or Senior Developer(San Francisco/Full-time)

  • Full-time hire in SF
  • Senior engineer who can either do the CTO job or grow into it within the next year.
  • This person should also be willing and able to recruit and grow an engineering organization.

Open Contracting Positions:

Senior Front-end Developer

  • Full-time hire or contracting
  • Located near or willing to travel to Mountain View
  • Expert Skills:  Javascript (Backbone.js) along with CSS/HTML

Senior iOS Developer

  • Contracting
  • Located in or near SF
  • Remote okay but needs to be willing to give the client some face time.
  • 4-6 week engagement